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Hikari HX8V redefines the high standard of flat fabric after sewing

December 08, 2021

There are lots of technical innovations in Hikari HX8V, each innovation can be a new definition, which means a new higher standard.


As we know, it is normal for the fabric to become wrinkled after sewing no matter the fabric is thin or thick. But Hikari HX8V has completely solved this problem.


After using Hiraki HX8V, the easy-wrinkled thin fabric miraculously becomes very flat.


For 16-layer thick fabric, the effect is also very satisfied; the fabric is still flat without any wrinkle after using HX8V.


Even for sewing together with labels, the fabric is still flat without wrinkles, and the stitching is also neat and in order.


Flat fabric effect and neat stitching make Hikari HX8V become the central position of global overlock sewing machines. It is Hikari who redefined the WIDTH of the tension of the thread clip device.

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