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Made in China will subject more market under intelligent.

April 11, 2021


Recently, we have received heavy news one after another  from some countries of Southeast Asia, making HIKARI’s "friend circle" continue to expand.


As soon as the spring started, HIAKRI had five containers shipped to the same country. This shows from one aspect that the competitiveness and influence of Chinese sewing brands have undergone profound changes in the overseas markets, and they are able to compete with foreign brands on the same field without losing ground.


A newly-built, large-scale garment factory designated to use all HIAKRI brand products when purchasing sewing equipment. Behind this choice was the competition of different domestic and foreign brands in the same field. HIAKRI won; as a market leader with sewing equipment It has become the norm for the large customers whose equipment uses the vane function to repurchase HIAKRI products. They use additional purchase orders to show the love to the HIAKRI brand: HIAKRI products are fast and easy,  and the longer the machine runs, the better the performance is. To ensure that customers start on time, the HIAKRI service team not only rushes for delivery overnight, but also works overtime on weekends to catch up with the progress of the installation to serve every customer promptly and quickly.


Regardless of whether it is a renewal, a new purchase or a replacement, HIAKRI, which focuses on new technology and automation, has not only high efficiency but also higher quality.



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