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Hot sales ! Hikari products demand exceeds supply

April 13, 2021


From the queuing of orders before the New Year, to a good start after the New Year, now the April is approaching, the production of Hikari is still booming, in the factory located in Shanghai, there are constantly logistics vehicles queuing up for loading.


Both regular and automated products are in short supply, and Hikari's production lines are already at full capacity, but still unable to meet orders. Particularly is the automation products are particularly favored by the market.


After the COVID-19, as a labor-intensive garment manufacturer, it accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading and replaced the original traditional products with fewer or even unmanned automated sewing equipment:


On the one hand, it further reduces the dependence on skilled workers, while reducing the number of workers. For example, one person can take care of five HSAT-K5 automatic elastic join machine, so that the "machine replaced manpower" has become a reality, with more intelligent and automated products to actively deal with the shortage of workers.


On the other hand, we redefine the production line through intelligent products, and gradually move toward digital management to make the management more convenient and efficient, so as to seize the lead in the fierce market competition.In the South China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition of 2021 held from March 17 to 20, Hikari presented the upgraded version of the classic "Hikari Style", as well as the powerful performance and intelligence of several automation products such as HSAT-K5 Automatic elastic join machine.


Focusing on new technology and automation, Hikari has created a number of world-leading products and meticulously created one after another eye-catching products. With sincere service, Hikari strengthens the brand strength and enhances the brand charm


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